About Teacher Bird

Welcome to TeacherBird.Com We believe that knowledge should be shared and put into practice, no matter where you’re from in the world. No matter where you’re from, the internet has made it possible to learn, an education without borders.

Teacherbird.com is an online training portal that provides high quality, educational videos to all of our students. Our main goal is to share the knowledge with you, to help you better yourself. We believe that education shouldn’t be constrained by distance and that no matter where you are, you deserve to learn from our global experts. We are a bridge between teachers and students, the world over.

Teaching Methodology

We use project based learning combined with our problem based methodology in our video lessons. We aim to make our lessons short, but practical, allowing for the biggest impact. Why not check out our FREE Lessons to see the quality and style of our lessons? You might learn something new. For to do so, just simply sign up for a free account and receive all the free Lessons instantly.

Our Mission

Our mission is to push the boundaries of e-learning and improve the life of our clients by removing the barriers to education. We’d like nothing better than to hear about our students being promoted, or more successful after taking one of our courses, we’re sure they’re that good!

Our Vision

Teacherbird.com aims to be the leading electronic educator in the world. We want to be universally recognised as the go-to place of online learning, while coming up with innovative new ways to educate.

Thank you for choosing us with your education – it’s as important to us as it is to you!