Frequently Asked Questions

What is needed to use the online learning?

You need an internet access, any suitable device such as desktop or portable devices (smart phone, tablet, etc).

What are the benefits for signing up with TeacherBird?

TeacherBird give best benefits to accommodate each individual learning needs by providing effective learning, easy access, learning freedom, compatibility to all devices, online test, certification, economical way of learning, free trial lessons and easy course purchase. Click here for details of our benefits.

What are the courses that TeacherBird offers?

Simply click on products’ thumbnail under Products link (Page) and check out course detail as well as table of contents and free videos preview.

How to buy the course(s)?

In order to buy a course, simply click on link below or click on "Products" in the main menu and then add as many course as you need to your shopping cart. Click on Check out to start the purchase process which will take you to PayPal Protected Page to finalize your purchase using your Visa Card, MasterCard or your PayPal account. When Process is finished, the courses will be added automatically right away in your dashboard.

Buy Course(s)

How to sign up and redeem my Voucher?

Please simply click on the link below and follow the instructions in the video for easy step by step registering for a new account and then how to redeeming your voucher.

Watch the Video   |  PDF file format

I didn't receive any email regarding to my course or password recovery?

In some cases like informing you about your course activation or password recovery , we may send you an email , if you expect an email from us , and you didn't receive any email after 3 working days. please do check your both inbox or Spam/Junk Folder as well. please take a look at below picture.

If you have checked both inbox and your spam folders and still dont have any email from us , please send an email to (support@teacherbird.com)

What if I forget my Password?

Please send an email to us at (support@teacherbird.com) and ask our support team to assist you.

How to change my password?

Login to your account with your current password, then click on "Edit Profile", and use "Password" tab to set your new password.

I have redeemed my vouchers, but the courses have been assigned to my profile are wrongs!

Please send an email to us at (support@teacherbird.com) and ask our support team to assist you.

Can I watch my course(s) or take the exam(s) on my smartphone or tablet?

Yes! You can watch the videos via your portable devices. Also you are able to take exam(s) via your portable devices as well.

Regarding to the exam(s), how many times each user can take an exam?

Each user can take an exam several times untill get the pass score!

Can I know is there any CERTIFICATE provided at the end of the courses?

Yes, certificate will be given after complete examination. Once you finish with your exam, we will give the certificate online.